Al "Alo" Onatero was the Boss of the Italian Mob. He trys to use nicky to get close to dokey but nicky realises that Alo is just using him and his right hand man vinnie, so they kill him bang bang!!


Nicky Cottero: [watching Jimmy urinate on a tombstone] I'm going to cut it off!

Alo: Yeah, real smart, Nicky. Make sure the Feds get a nice shot of you doing it too.

Nicky Cottero: I'll do whatever you need me to do. I don't know how to make this Dokey change his mind through.

Alo: Just go talk to him. I got a feeling he'll be a little more approachable.

Nicky Cottero: Alright.

Alo: So here's what I need you to. Go make peace with the Irish, like I asked. Then get the money they owe me. You think you can do that?

Ray: [to Alo] I hate golf, I rather play sports.

Alo: [greets Nicky] Look at the mug on you. [to Ray]

Alo: What you should've done was whack him in the back of the head.

Ray: [to Nicky] How ya doing, shovel-head?

Alo: I hope you learned a lesson.

Nicky Cottero: Yeah, tempered steel to the back of the head usually does the trick.