All of Us Are in the Gutter





Directed By:

T.J. Scott

Written By:

Paul Haggis (creator)

Robert Maresco (creator)

Alissa Haggis (teleplay)

Amanda Maresco (teleplay)

Production Number:

No information


April 30 2007


In Each One A Savior


When the Door Opens

All of Us Are in the Gutter is episode nine of Season 1 of NBC's The Black Donnellys.


Tommy is finally able to do the only thing he wanted to do: art. With the help of Kate, he gets a job at an art studio but when he thought that he was able to separate himself from the "business" of his family, he learns that it won't happen. Nicky, who decided not to kill Kevin, decided that he want to use Louie Downtown's cell phone and offers a partnership to the Donnellys but will only deal with Tommy.



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[first lines] Joey Ice Cream: [narrating] Pay attention this time. I hate repeating myself.

Kevin Donnelly: Okay, we got a problem. [he shows Jimmy Louie's cell phone]

Jimmy Donnelly: What's this?

Kevin Donnelly: Louie Downtown's cell phone.

Jimmy Donnelly: The one you were supposed to throw away!

Kevin Donnelly: Yeah, but that's not the problem.

Jimmy Donnelly: [cut to Jimmy smashing the phone on the counter] That's how you're supposed to get rid of a cell phone, Kevin!

Kevin Donnelly: I guess I should've done that.

Jimmy Donnelly: You guess?

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: [to Jack] Jack, you talk to me like I'm some street punk again and I'm gonna cut your tongue out.

Joey Ice Cream: [narrating] The one guy who could've had his dream and made it out of the neighborhood. Whitey. He was so fast, he could've made the Olympics or something like that, but the idiot never went out to track.

Joey Ice Cream: Actually, now that I think about it, no wonder I'm depressed. That was the day I lost my dream too.

Doctor: Oh?

Joey Ice Cream: I always wanted to be a short-order cook.

Doctor: So, why didn't you ask her for a job?

Joey Ice Cream: [surprised] I never thought of that!

[last lines] Joey Ice Cream: [after end credits] Hey, I'm feeling much better now. You got anymore of that food left?