Derek Timothy "Dokey" Farrell is an Irish gangster that controls his deceased older brother's turf. He gained the nickname Dokey from growing up and being reportedly "The King of the Hokey Pokey" = "Hokey-Pokey Dokey". He is known for carrying an axe and chopping off people's toes. He wants more than anything to gain the prestige and respect his brother had, but has trouble putting up with the aggression of the Italians and the wayward ways of the Donnellys.


Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: [to Matthew] I know you're young, buddy. But you're still the man. So I don't wanna see you crying in here, okay? I don't have a son of my own, Matt. So I'm looking to you to make me proud. I want you to walk in there, standing tall with your head held high. It's the way you're daddy would've wanted it. And you're a Farrell! And Farrell's don't wear their hearts on their sleeves. Alright? Do you know what that means? Means you don't go showing the world how you feel. Keep it locked up real tight, right in here, okay? That way people can't take the good pieces away from you.

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: I know that my brother came to talk to you in the hospital. I know that he sent his driver home. And he called a cab. And then he went straight to Sal's, alone. And he wouldn't do that, Tommy. So that tells me you know why.

Tommy Donnelly: I wish I did. I wish I could help you.

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: I don't believe you.

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: [to Tommy] You ever point a gun at me again and I will hack you in half. While you're screaming, you got it?

Tommy Donnelly: If I can't get that tuition money, Dokey, I'm gonna need to borrow twenty five hundred dollars.

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: Tommy, tell me one person who would loan a kid like you that kind of money?

Tommy Donnelly: I was hoping you would.

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: I'm afraid you got your head up your ass. But I'll tell you what I will do. I'll offer you a job.

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: [to his nephew, Matthew, explaining the battle between Napolean and the Duke of Wellington] Napoleon lost a whole empire in one battle because he didn't see a rainstorm coming. You always gotta look out for the thing that you don't know.

Dokey Farrell: Tommy, get in.

Tommy Donnelly: If you don't mind, I'd just like to walk.

Dokey Farrell: [to driver] Hey, put him in the trunk.

Tommy Donnelly: I'm getting in.

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: How old are you, Reilly?

Jenny's Pop: What's my age have to do with anything?

Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: 'Cause you're way too old to be playing the hero.