Frank Stein is an NYPD Precinct detective at the 28th Precinct. He arrests Jimmy for armed robbery in the pilot episode, and is tasked with the Huey-Sal homicide case in the following episode. Unlike his fellow detective, Det. Geckel, he is not on Dokey's payroll, and it is implied he has been trying to build a case against the Irish Mob for a long time.


Nicky Cottero: I was, you know, wonderin' if you had any news?

Detective Frankie Stein: You a reporter now, Nicky?

Nicky Cottero: You know, Sal, he's a beloved employer. So understand all the staff's gonna be a little upset. I was just wonderin' if you had somethin' I could pass on.

Detective Frankie Stein: No, just a couple of questions. What was the head of the Irish mob doin' with all the Italians?

Nicky Cottero: Drinkin'? Watchin' porn? I couldn't tell ya.