The Black Donnellys episode guideEdit

The following is an episode list for the NBC drama television series The Black Donnellys. The series' original run began on Monday, February 26, 2007.

== Season 1: 2007==


Original airdate Writers Director #
"Pilot" February 26, 2007 Paul Haggis, Robert Moresco Paul Haggis 1
Tommy, the Donnellys' only honest man, has to make a difficult choice — fight for his family or turn his back on them and keep to the straight and narrow - as he becomes embroiled in a plot hatched by his brother Jimmy to help out his brother Kevin. Kevin owes money to the wrong guys, and Jimmy tries to pay it off for him by abducting his bookie. Nicky Cottero, working for mob boss Sal takes matters into his own hands, leading to drastic consequences for the Donnelly brothers.
"A Stone of the Heart" March 5, 2007 Kim Clements, Paul Haggis Paul Haggis 2
As Sean's fate becomes clear to the Donnelly siblings, an antsy Jimmy stews in a holding cell. Meanwhile, an unsettled Tommy finds comfort in Jenny as their friendship begins to morph into something more serious. Nicky grasps control of the Italian mob.
"God Is a Comedian Playing to an Audience Afraid to Laugh" March 5, 2007 * Robert Moresco, Jeff F. King Dan Lerner 3
Kevin's attempts various ways to bail Jimmy out of jail, despite Tommy's protests. Meanwhile, due to a shortage of beds, Sean is moved out of ICU and Tommy desperately needs to find a way to get his brother back in. Dokey, Alo and Nicky come close to a confrontation.
"The World Will Break Your Heart" March 12, 2007 Bob Lowry, Kim Clements Deran Sarafian 4
Tommy is plagued with guilt when Kate, widow of Irish mob kingpin Huey, asks him to host her slain husband's wake. Meanwhile, Kevin and Joey go on a quest to find booze for the wake; Huey's brother Dokey begins to suspect that drug-addled Jimmy may be his sibling's killer.
"Lies" March 19, 2007 Sean Whitesell Gloria Muzio 5
Tommy realizes the Italian's new mob boss Nicky Cottero means business on collecting his debt when he threatens the boys mother, Helen. After exhausting all options, Tommy takes Dokey's bribe and while visiting Huey's widow, steals a box that Dokey wants. Jimmy and Joey Ice Cream find the former Louie Downtown's cellphone and, after realizing he was running a gambling circuit, start to collect on his payments. Sean finally comes home from the hospital while Jenny wakes up after sleeping with Samson and gets blown off by Tommy when she tries to explain.
"Run Like Hell" March 26, 2007 Laurie Hutzler, Gary Lennon Ed Sherin 6
Tommy gets pulled into Jimmy and Kevin's bookmaking action when he realizes the guy about to get busted for not paying is his friend Maxwell. When Tommy decides to track the money down himself, he gets played by his friend and ultimately ends up doing the busting. As Jimmy has Kevin toss Louie Downtown's phone, we meet Whitey who helps him transfer the numbers — but a flash into the future shows this relationship is headed for trouble. Jenny discovers her father's medical condition when the diner deposits never make it to the bank.
"The Only Thing Sure" April 2, 2007 Allan Steele David Straiton 7
Tommy and Jimmy have a role-reversal when it's Jimmy who's painting the bar and protecting Sean from the business. Meanwhile, Tommy is collecting on payments with Kevin. A flashback to Kevin's childhood shows why he believes he's truly lucky as a gambler. Jenny struggles to maintain the family's diner and watch over her ailing father.
"In Each One a Savior" April 9, 2007* Rafael Alvarez, Mick Betancourt Anthony Hemingway 8
While Tommy helps a woman who wants to evict drug dealers from her building, he discovers that this simple thing is much more complicated then he thought. Meanwhile, Jimmy continues his attempts to take over the neighborhood and stoops to a new low when he demands payment from Jenny. During the meantime, Nicky finds out what really happened to Louie Downtown.
"All of Us Are in the Gutter" April 16, 2007* Alissa Haggis, Amanda Moresco TJ Scott 9
Tommy is finally able to do the only thing he wants to do, art. With the help of Kate, he gets a job at an art studio. But when he thinks he's now able to separate himself from the "business" of his family, he learns that it won't happen. Nicky, who decided not to kill Kevin, wants to use Louie Downtown's cell phone and offers a partnership to the Donnellys but will only deal with Tommy.
"When the Door Opens" April 23, 2007* Robert Moresco Jeff F. King 10
Things go horribly wrong for the Donnellys when their loyalty is put to the test.
"Wasn't That Enough?" April 30, 2007* Alissa Haggis, Amanda Moresco Kevin Bray 11
Tommy helps the Reillys after their diner is put up for eviction. Tommy and Kevin find out more about their father's past and how he died.
"The Black Drop" May 7, 2007* Paul Haggis, Sean Whitesell Dan Minahan 12
Tommy finishes helping out the Reilly's get their eviction overturned. Meanwhile, he learns more about who killed his father. Jimmy tries to deal with Dokey on his own.
"Easy Is the Way" May 14, 2007* Paul Haggis, Sean Whitesell Robert Moresco 13
Tommy tries to get his family and run away, before Dokey gets to them, but Jimmy has different plans for Dokey. Jenny ends the threats from Samson once and for all.