Hugh William "Huey" Farrell was an Irish gangster who formerly controlled the Irish neighborhood. He was killed in the pilot episode by Tommy Donnelly. It is eventually discovered that Huey Farrell set Bobby Donnelly up to be killed by the Italians in order to prove the truce with them.


Huey Farrell: Jimmy's the only problem. He's a punk and a doper. He'll be more comfort to his mother dead than alive. Tommy's a smart boy. When Jimmy's gone, he'll be able to say he did what he could. As long as it's only Jimmy, cause anything other than that, it'll be me with the problem.

Huey Farrell: [to young Tommy Donnelly, in a flashback] You know what else men do? They take care of their mom and their brothers, no matter what.

Joey Ice Cream: [in voiceover narration] How was Huey to know that one day that little bit of advise would be that thing that got him killed?