Jenny Reilly was childhood friends with Tommy and rest of the Donnelly boys, Jenny runs a local diner with her father. She and Tommy have a complicated and strained relationship.


Tommy Donnelly: Is Joey Ice Cream bothering you?

Jenny Reilly: No, no. He's just concerned that with my husband out of town I might not be getting enough, so he invited me to the bathroom for a couple minutes.

Tommy Donnelly: Hey! Hey Joey get back here!

[shot of Joey Ice Cream cozying up to Jenny]

[talking to the detective in a voiceover narration]

Joey Ice Cream: Now, a couple years before, Jenny, she married a schoolteacher. Now, Teach forgets to mention that he robs drug dealers to pay for his student loans. He goes into hiding, somebody stuffs him in an oil drum. Nobody had the heart to tell Jenny. I mean, even me, and we were like an item.

Jenny Reilly: Bug off, Joey.

Joey Ice Cream: [to Tommy, who has walked up] Yeah, you got it. She's a great girl, isn't she?