Nicky Cottero is an Italian gangster currently attempting to take over the area formerly controlled by his mentor, Sal. He befriends the Donnellys to try to take down both Dokey and Alo.


Vinnie Culiari: You were asking me if this isn't the best idea you've come up with.

Nicky Cottero: Really? What do you think was my best idea?

Vinnie Culiari: Your very best?

Nicky Cottero: Best you can think of.

Vinnie Culiari: Squeezing Jimmy Donnelly till he whacked Sal.

Nicky Cottero: That worked out pretty well, didn't it?

Mrs. Donnelly: Let's try this again. Go back out the door and make a right, two buildings out.

Nicky Cottero: Two buildings out. Thank you. You're very nice.

Mrs. Donnelly: Least I'm not lost.

Nicky Cottero: I made a mistake. I should've never talked about business the day you buried your brother. Alright, I was wrong. And if I insulted you, I apologize. I'm just here to make things right. Derek 'Dokey' Farrell: Yeah, well whacking my guys didn't help too much, did it?

Nicky Cottero: [to Tommy] See, here's the thing, Tommy. If I don't get my money, I kill you and I collect from your brother. He don't pay me, I kill him and move on to the next brother.

Nicky Cottero: [on the phone] I already told ya, I don't want to deal with the hard head junkie brother. I want to deal with the smart brother.

Jimmy Donnelly: [on the phone] You don't talk to Tommy. You talk to me.

Nicky Cottero: [on the phone] Get Tommy to give me a call. You do now how to deliver a message, don't you?