Sean Donnelly
Sean Donnelly is the youngest of the brothers and is noted for his popularity with women. In the season premiere, Sean is severely beaten by Nicky Cottero as a reaction to the kidnapping of Louie Downtown by Jimmy. Sean would like to help his brothers with "business", but they try to keep him out of the loop to keep him safe.


Sean Donnelly: [about Sean's new car] Hey, hey, hey. What do you think?

Tommy Donnelly: You pay money for this thing?

Sean Donnelly: Yeah, two thousand, got a great deal.

Tommy Donnelly: Dollars?

Sean Donnelly: Plus, he gave me a free driver's license.

Tommy Donnelly: [Tommy walks outside to find Sean kissing the girl Tommy had just asked out] Hey! Hey Sean! What the hell are you doing?

Sean Donnelly: Are you guys like seeing each other? 'Cause I didn't know.

Kevin Donnelly: Hey, Sean. Damn. You look like you got hit in the face with a bat.

Sean Donnelly: You don't look any better.

Sean Donnelly: [to Tommy] Jimmy's on his way to kill Nicky. He's got a gun.