The World Will Break Your Heart





Directed By:

Deran Sarafian

Written By:

Paul Haggis (creator)

Robert Maresco (creator)

Production Number:

No information


March 12 2007


God Is A Comedian



The World Will Break Your Heart is the fourth episode of the first season of The Black Donnellys.


Tommy is plagued with guilt when Kate, widow of Irish-mob kingpin Huey, asks him to host her slain husband's wake. Meanwhile, Kevin and Joey go on a quest to find booze for the wake.



Main cast

Recurring Cast


  • When Helen Donnelly (Kate Mulgrew) goes to the hospital and dismisses Kimmy from Sean's bedside, Kim is reading a paperback edition of "All Souls: A Family Story From Southie". The book is a memoir about growing up in a large Irish-Catholic family in a working class neighborhood in South Boston, and his brothers involvement with Irish mob in Southie at the time. The mother in the book is also named Helen.


Joey Ice Cream: I thought you said you waited here?

Kevin Donnelly: No I applied. The bastards wouldn't hire me because of my shadey employment history.

Kevin Donnelly: [Kevin and Joey sneak into a restaurant and find some Kosher wine] Crap! All we got here is Jew wine. We allowed to drink this stuff?

Joey Ice Cream: Who wouldn't allow you, Kevin?

Kevin Donnelly: I don't know. It's unholy or something.

Joey Ice Cream: It's fine!

Kevin Donnelly: I mean it's alcohol too, right?

Joey Ice Cream: Yeah, only it's Rabbi approved alcohol.

Jenny Reilly: You're throwing Huey's wake?

Tommy Donnelly: Yeah.

Jenny Reilly: Please tell me you know how wrong that is.

Joey Ice Cream: This is crazy. Do we have credit? Do we have money? Do we even have a way to transport the alcohol if it were to fall from the sky?

Kevin Donnelly: Remember when we were kids and had a contest to see who could shut up the longest?

Joey Ice Cream: No. Who won?

Tommy Donnelly: We're hosting Jimmy's wake tonight.

Kevin Donnelly: What?

Tommy Donnelly: Kate Farrell came by this morning. She wants the wake to be here.

Kevin Donnelly: [to Tommy] Can I remind you that we killed her husband?

Joey Ice Cream: [narrating voice over] There are a lot of guys in my neighborhood who would still be alive today if they'd just shut up and gone to bed the night before.